GQCCC Virtual Quilt Show

GQCCC Virtual Quilt Show

GQCCC 2021 Virtual Quilt Show

Scavenger Hunt

Can you locate all the items below in the quilts?

Use the clue below to find items throughout the quilts in the show. Refer to the Quilt Show How To Guide to find where we have hidden the answers.

    1. A tall set of tuning forks
    2. Click these three times to go home.
    3. Self-made widow
    4. 🙂
    5. Girl Power
    6. Six crosses six
    7. Time flies
    8. A dozen tails
    9. A herd of elephants
    10. Me and my shadow
    1. Hands of Love
    2. Quilter’s Largest Tool
    3. Meow or is it Moo?
    4. Smash it for sweet treats and toys.
    5. And a cherry on top
    6. Leaves a translucent trail
    7. A trio in the Dark
    8. Florida Lawn Birds
    9. Double Decker Locomotive
    10. Colorful Confetti
  1. Magical One of A Kind Rainbow

Spring has sprung and we have a myriad of cute cuddling animals on these pages. Look through the quilts and see how many we have of the following:

    1. Cats
    2. Dogs
    3. Rabbits
    1. Birds
    2. Zebras
    3. Fish and Water Animals
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