GQCCC Virtual Quilt Show

GQCCC 2021 Virtual Quilt Show

How to Navigate the Virtual Quilt Show

Get the most out of the show

If this is your first Quilt Show you are in for a treat. If you have been to many quilt shows, some of this may be familiar to you. Below you will find detailed instructions on each section of the show and how to navigate between the different sections.

Entered Quilts

Quilts Page

Each quilt is entered into a category. You can find the categories and their descriptions by going to the Quilts Page from the main top menu. Here you will find each category and a thumbnail image carousel of all the quilts entered in that category. If you mouse over the carousel, you will see arrows at the right and left ends that you can use to scroll to see all the thumbnails. (Note: some categories may only have a few quilts in them and will not scroll.) You will also see the name of the quilt if you hover over a specific thumbnail image. If you click on the image itself, it will bring you to the Individual Quilt Page. To cycle easily through the Individual Quilt Pages in a category, click on the first thumbnail on the left in the carousel. 

The side menu on the Quilts Page will bring you to that category’s description and thumbnail carousel on the Quilts Page.

Category Slider Page

If you click anywhere in the description of the category (the text in gold) on the Quilts Page, it will bring you to the Category’s Slider Page of the category. Here you can see a slider of all the images for the quilts in that category. The name, maker, and size of the quilt will display below each quilt image. You can scroll through the quilts by clicking the arrows at the left or right of the center image. Except for the Pass the Envelope Challenge lines, the images of the quilts will appear randomly in the sliders. Again, if you click on the quilt image you will be brought to the Individual Quilt Page

Individual Quilt Page

In the Individual Quilt Page, you will see images of the quilt in a small gallery. Here you can click on the images to bring it into a lightbox and scroll through the images of that quilt. You will also find all the specifics about the quilt.

Above the quilt name on the Individual Quilt Page will be a black six patch grid icon and arrows. You can cycle through the Individual Quilt Pages in a category by clicking on the arrows. Note: you may have started in the middle of the category. The quilts don’t loop and you may need to click the back arrows to get to all the quilts in the category. The black six patch grid icon will bring you back to the Category’s Slider Page. Under the details of the quilt, you will also find a menu of quick links to bring you to any of the Category’s Slider Page and a gallery of all the quilts.

All Quilts Gallery

The All Quilts Gallery displays all the entered and featured quilts in the show in a gallery view. You can filter the quilts shown based on category or featured artist.


In the main Featured Artist Page (found by clicking on the menu item, Featured Artists, in the top menu), you will find an introduction of the artists and a gallery of all their quilts. The side menu links to each artist’s gallery page. If you click on a quilt it will bring you to its Individual Quilt Page. Each featured quilt has one picture of the quilt and one close up shot. Some will be in a gallery format and some will be in a slider form. If it is a gallery format you can click on the image to bring it into a lightbox format. The sliders will autoplay but hovering over the image will stop the slider.

Video Presentation

In the side menu of the main Featured Artist Page is the link to the video presentation. The video is hosted on YouTube. You can watch the video at our site our watch it on YouTube. Both on YouTube and the GQCCC Quilt Show pages for the video, you will find an index of links that will bring you to each quilt in the presentation.



Once you have gone through the quilt show, vote for your favorite quilts. Click on the Vote button in the upper corner of the top menu to go to the ballot. Fill out the ballot form to cast your votes. Each category will be awarded a viewer’s choice award and one for best of show. You can also vote for your favorite Featured Artist quilt. Only one vote person is allowed, and duplicate votes will not be counted, though we will combine partial votes into one complete ballot. Your name and email address are only being requested to ensure one vote per individual.

On the ballot you can also give us comments and feedback on the show. GQCCC has been putting on a Quilt Show for decades but this is our first Virtual Show, so feedback is much appreciated.


On the memorial page you will see the members that have passed since our last quilt show in 2019. Clicking on the image of the member will bring you to their Individual Memorial Page. Similar to the Individual Quilt Page, you will find a gallery of images. You can click on the images to go into the lightbox format and cycle through the images. Above the name of the deceased you will find the navigation 6 patch and arrows to take you to the next Individual Memorial Page. Hovering next to the arrow will give you the name of the next member.

Vendor Mall

In the Vendor Mall you will find a list of vendors you can visit to purchase quilting supplies and much more. There is an image carousel for each vendor showing you samples of items you can purchase. This is the one place that clicking on an image will not bring you to a page. Here you click on the vendor’s website address and it will bring you to their website.

Scavenger Hunt

To find the answers of the Scavenger Hunt, go to the ballot to vote, click on vote in the upper menu. Find the thank you and click on it.

Site Load Time

As a non-profit, GQCCC uses its funds frugally. The speed of the website was not an important need and thus we have a donated shared hosting service. This equates to times where other websites, that are sharing the same resources as the guild, doing activities that slow down all the websites on the server. If the site seems extremely sluggish you may want to try viewing at another time. Evening hours seem to be better than during typical working hours.

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