2022 Rainbow Reflections

2023 Quilt Show Entry Instructions

To enter your quilt, wearable or creative item in the GQCCC 2022 Quilt Show, complete the entry form. You must complete one entry form for each item entered in the show. Only four entries allowed per GQCCC member. Only GQCCC members can enter the quilt show. If you would like to enter the show, you can join the Guild by clicking here.

Deadline to enter quilts is Sunday, March 12th 2023 at 11:59 pm

  1. The preferred method of entering the show is by using our Online Entry Form. If you do not have the ability to enter online yourself, you may ask a friend or family member to enter online for you. Entering online saves our volunteers many hours or work.
  2. If you do not have access to enter online, you may come to the Farmhouse during select Open Sews and you can receive help entering your quilt.
  3. If you have any issues submitting your quilt, contact Mary Pimentel-Wheeler or Linda Luks to help you submitt the entry form.
  1. You must be a current member of GQCCC to enter the show.

    If you are not a current member and wish to enter a quilt, you may become a  member by using our online membership form. GQCCC’s membership year is from July to June and annual membership dues are $50. If you join now, your membership is good through June 30, 2023.

  2. There is a limit of 4 entries per member. Please include a priority number on the entry form if you are entering more than one quilt.
  3. Please select a category for your quilt. You must have completed the work to enter it in a category. For example, if you pieced your quilt but sent it out to be quilted by another person, you cannot enter your quilt in a quilting category like “Machine Quilted Stand-up.” Quilts will be displayed in category “groups” in the online quilt show gallery.  Please choose the most appropriate category group for your quilt.
  4. If a small group did a group quilt or a groups of quilts, check that it is a group quilt and enter the name of the group.

  5. If a pattern was used to make a quilt, you must the pattern information on the entry form.

  6. If a category receives 3 or fewer entries, the Guild reserves the right to re-categorize the entry into the most appropriate alternative category.
  7. The Guild reserves the right to select the quilts that will be displayed in the show. Every effort will be made to include at least one quilt from each member, using the priority designated on the Entry Form.  If a quilt is not selected for the show, the member will be notified before the show begins.
  8. One ribbon will be awarded per winning entry, regardless of the number of members participating in the making of the quilt or item.
  9. All quilts (except miniatures smaller than 24” by 24”) must have a 3 ½ inch sleeve sewn on the top of the back. Instructions for making a 3 ½ inch sleeve can be found here.
  10. All entries must be complete, undamaged and clean; free of smoke, odor, and hair/fur; and constructed primarily of fabric.
  11. All entries must have an official Quilt Show 2023 Entry Label sewn on the lower right-hand corner of the back of the entry. You can find the label here.
  12. Entries displayed in previous GQCCC quilt shows from 2019 or earlier are ineligible. Quilts entered in 2020 (show was cancelled) and 2021 (virtual only show) are eligible to be entered in 2022. Challenge quilts for 2020 (Day of the Dead) and 2021 (Turn to the Darkside) can be entered as an individual quilt in 2022.
  13. Entry must be available for the entire duration of the show, from drop-off on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, or Wednesday, March 30, 2022, through quilt return on Sunday April 3, 2022.
  14. Pass the Envelope Challenge: Please submit your Entry Form and then give your quilt to Kathy Callahan at or before the February general meeting. The quilts will be unveiled at the March general meeting, and collected by Kathy Callahan at that time so they can be displayed as a group at the Quilt Show. Challenge quilts from 2020 and 2021 are eligible to be entered. If a challenge line does not have all the quilts entered, the Guild reserves the right to not include the quilt. Contact Kathy Callahan (see member directory) for any questions. Do Not Use the Group Name for PTE entries. The category is all that is needed.
  15. ROY BIV Challenge: Each participant received a packet with two fat quarters in one color – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet. Using this fabric, you are to make a quilt, wearable, etc, in that color family only, e.g. if you got violet you can go from lavender to deep purple.  You can add a neutral background (neutral = white, cream, beige, grey or black) and as many other fabrics as you want, as long as they are the same color. Please submit an Entry Form and photo by the deadline; then drop off your entry at the Farmhouse during “Quilt Receiving” hours stated on the Entry Form. Contact Beverly Spurs (see member directory) for any questions. Do not use the Group Name for Roy G Biv entries. The category is all that is needed.
  16. Photography and video taping is allowed during the quilt show.
  17. Members selling their entry item at the show will receive 90% of the sale price after all payments have cleared.
  18. Out of area members: Members that are not local to Concord, CA area can still enter the Quilt Show. Members will need to ship their entry item to arrive at the Farmhouse on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 or Wednesday, March 30, 2022. A pre-paid return shipping label must be included with the item for the item to be shipped back to the member.4
  1. All visitors to the show will be provided a ballot or can vote online for a Viewer’s Choice winner in each of the following categories: “Best Quilt”, “Best Creative Item”, “Best ROY G BIV Challenge Entry”, “Best Pass the Envelope Challenge Entry 2022”, “Best Pass the Envelope Challenge Entry 2021”, and “Best Pass the Envelope Challenge Entry 2020”.
  2. Visitor voting will take place all day Saturday, and Sunday until noon. Awards will be made Sunday after 1 pm.
  3. Judging for all entries except those entered in the challenges, will be performed by a volunteer committee of quilters from one of our neighboring guilds. You may “Opt Out” of having your quilt judged on your entry form. 
  4. Judging will take place at a time convenient to the committee.
  5. First Place and Second Place may be awarded for each category, at the sole discretion of the Guild.

A photo of your quilt must be uploaded with your application. Click the choose file button in the form. Then you select the file from your device. Wait for thumbnail of image to appear. Typically as the image is loading you will see the image of a paperclip. If you do not see a thumbnail of your quilt, the image did not load. If you are uploading a large image file this may take awhile. Be patient. 

The photo does not need to be of the completed quilt but needs to show the quilt mostly finished for the layout team. The photo does not need to be very high quality but color accuracy is important.

If you crop your picture, do not change the photo aspect ratio of the image. 

If you are having trouble photographing your quilt or uploading it with your application, you can call the Farmhouse, 925.304.2026, during select Open Sews and see if there is someone there to help you or contact Mary Pime ntel-Wheeler or Linda Luks.

Appliquéd: A quilt where either hand or machine appliqué is the predominant feature of the quilt.

Pieced: A quilt that was hand or machine pieced by the entrant(s). If made from a pattern or kit, the pattern designer’s name, name of the pattern, and/or kit name must be included on the entry form.

Hand Quilted: A quilt made in any style where the majority of the quilting is done by hand by the member entering the quilt.

Machine Quilted – Stand-up: A quilt made in any style where the majority of the quilting is done on a “standup” sewing machine, by the member entering the quilt. This includes sewing machines of any size (for instance, long-arm, mid-arm, etc.) where the quilt is attached to a frame and the sewing machine is moved by the quilter or by a computerized stitching program.

Machine quilted – Sit-down: A quilt made in any style, where the majority of the quilting is done on a “sit down” sewing machine by the member entering the quilt. This includes machines of any size (for instance, domestic machines, sit-down mid-arms, etc.) where the machine is stationary and the quilt is moved under the needle by the quilter to create the quilted design.

Original Design: A quilt where the pattern, layout, and design elements are all the original work of the member entering the quilt. This category is judged by the design elements and overall impact of the quilt. Includes art quilts.

Creative Item: Any sewn or quilted item other than a quilt.  This category is judged by the overall impact of the item, and includes:

  • Wearables and Accessories (clothing, hats, bags, etc.)
  • Home Use Items (table runners, place mats, potholders, etc.)
  • Other creative non-quilt items (pin cushions, organizers, sewing machine covers, fabric bowls, etc.)

Adult First Quilt: Quilt must be one of the first three quilts pieced and finished by the entrant. Must state if it was quilted by the member or others, and if it was made from a kit or pattern.

PTE 2022: A quilt made as part of the 2022 Pass the Envelope Challenges. These quilts are not part of the judging but are part of the viewer choice awards. 

PTE 2021: A quilt made as part of the 2021 Pass the Envelope Challenges. These quilts are not part of the judging but are part of the viewer choice awards. 

PTE 2020: A quilt made as part of the 2020 Pass the Envelope Challenges. These quilts are not part of the judging but are part of the viewer choice awards. 

ROY G BIV: A quilt made as part of the ROY G BIV Challenge. These quilts are not part of the judging but are part of the viewer choice awards.

Drop Off

Tuesday, March 29, 2022, and Wednesday, March 30, 2022, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Farmhouse, 5554 Clayton Road, Ste 4, Concord, CA 94521.

* If you are unable to drop off at the stated times above, please contact Nancy Ritter (for quilts) for other arrangements. Her contact info is in the Guild Directory.

  1. Before being dropped off, each entered item must have a 2022 Quilt Show Entry Label. You can find the label here.
  2. Print your name, telephone number, and the entry name on the entry label.
  3. Cut out the entry label and hand-baste it to the lower right-hand corner of the back of your quilt. Do not use pins.
  4. The Receiving team will issue a receipt when your quilt is dropped off. Please save this receipt in order to claim your quilt after the show.

Pick Up

Sunday, April 5, 2020 – 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Centre Concord, 5298 Clayton Road, Concord CA 94521 at Quilt Return at the show.

  1. All show entries must be picked up at Centre Concord Between 5 pm and 6 pm on Sunday, April 3, 2022, the last day of the Quilt Show.
  2. Quilts will not be released until all quilts have been removed from the Showroom and accounted for by Show Staff.
  3. Estimated time to begin releasing entries is 5:00 pm.
  4. An entry will not be released after the Quilt Show without a receipt. Do not lose your receipt.
  5. If you cannot pick up your quilt yourself, you may give your receipt to another individual to pick up your quilt.

Making a 3 1/2 inch wide sleeve for hanging your quilt at the GQCCC Quilt Show.

Once you have produced that wonderful quilt, you will want to display it at our annual Quilt Show! Your quilt will need a sleeve (casing) to hang by, making it easier for the volunteers who hang your quilts at the show. Quilts smaller than 24″ by 24″ do not need a sleeve.

  1. Measure the width of the top edge of your quilt.
  2. Cut a length of fabric, 7 1/2 inches wide by the width of your quilt. If you need to piece together more than one length of fabric, do it at this point. The seams will be to the outside of the sleeve to make hanging easier.
  3. Fold the length in half – it will now measure 3 3/4 inches wide by the width of your quilt.
  4. Sew a 1⁄4 inch seam along the long edge to form the casing of the sleeve. This will leave you with a 3 1/2 inch wide casing or tube.
  5. Press this casing flat, with the long seam in the center of the casing width on one side.
  6. Fold back the edges a 1/4 inch twice to the outside, and hem them by machine or hand.
  7. Lay the completed sleeve onto the back top of your quilt, just below the binding and centered across the width. Stitch the top and bottom edges in place by hand, being careful not to have your stitches show on the front of the quilt.
  8. Sew the short ends that are touching the quilt to the quilt. This insures that the wooden frames will go through the middle of the casing pocket and won’t be touching your quilt. It also makes it much easier to hang the quilts!

Download this single Quilt Label, print it, fill it in, and hand baste it to the lower right-hand corner of your Quilt Show Entry. Do not use pins. When delivering your entry to the Farmhouse, fold your entry so that the Quilt Label shows. If you have many quilts you can download this page of five quilt labels.

Label measures 5.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches high.

If you marked on your entry form that your quilt/item was for sale, the label will list the for sale price for the public. Attendees can purchase the item at the membership table. We will let the buyer know that the item can be picked up at the end of the show at the membership table. 

When you arrive at Quilt Return you will be given a receipt of the sale instead of your item. You will receive your portion of the payment after the Show has been balanced and all payments have cleared. 

The 2022 Quilt Show will also have the quilts displayed virtually at gqcccquiltshow.org. After the quilts have been setup for the show on Friday, pictures will be taken of each item and uploaded to the site. 

Only individuals that have purchased admission to the 2022 Quilt Show will be able to view the quilts online Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3, 2022.  Viewer choice voting can also be done online instead of by paper ballot. Voting ends Sunday, April 3, 2022 at 12 pm.

A few days after the show is over, the virtual show will be open to the public.

Upon submitting your entry to the GQCCC 2022 Quilt Show, you agree to all rules and procedures above and the following disclaimer:

I understand and agree that GQCCC will take all reasonable precautions to protect my entry. By submitting this entry, I agree to release GQCCC, its agents, and members from all liability for any loss, damage, injury or theft of my entry. I understand and assume the risk of all uninsured loss of my property, and that it is up to me to properly insure my own property against any or all risks. I give permission to GQCCC to photograph this entry and to use the photographs in the virtual online show, show-related media and publicity. I understand the public will be allowed to photograph and/or videotape this exhibit for personal use.