2022 Rainbow Reflections

2022 Consignor Form

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Fee and Labels
The new software Rose current only uses the 94103 Avery 1 inch square labels. These labels cannot be found locally. To streamline the process all consignors will be charged $1.00 when signing up for three sheets of labels. Each sheet has 48 labels for a total of 144 labels. This fee will be deducted from your payout at the end of the sale. If you would like additional sets of labels (three sheets of labels - 144 labels for $1 each, please indicate below. Cardstock is also available to puchase. You can get 5 sheets for $.50 The fees will be deducted from your payout.
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Consignor Agreement

I understand and agree that GQCCC will take all reasonable precautions to protect my items. By agreeing to consign, I agree to release GQCCC, its agents, and members from all liability for any loss, damage, injury or theft of my items. I understand and assume the risk of all uninsured loss of my property and that it is up to me to properly insure my own property against any or all risks.

I understand by agreeing to consign at the Country Store, GQCCC will keep 20% and I will receive 80% of the price of all items sold less the fees for labels and cardstock. I understand that it is my responsibility to get the items to the Country Store, packaged, tagged and ready to sell as per the instructions. Any items that are not properly tagged may not be sold nor returned back to me. I understand items not picked up by 5:30 pm on Sunday, April 3rd, become property of GQCCC, to be disposed of at its discretion. I acknowledge that the Country Store is run by volunteers and any items not picked up on time present an undue burden on those who are closing down the store.

I understand that it is my responsibility to properly categorize the items to be included or not included in the end of store 50% off sell. If my items are not properly entered, GQCCC is not responsible for items not ringing up at the amount I intended.

I give permission to GQCCC to photograph items and to use the photographs in the virtual online show, in show-related media and publicity. I understand the public will be allowed to photograph and/or videotape this event for personal use.

I agree to all the consigning rules and disclaimer.*
If you do not see the Sign up to Consign button, you must agree to the consigning rules and disclaimer.