GQCCC Virtual Quilt Show

GQCCC Virtual Quilt Show

GQCCC 2021 Virtual Quilt Show

Viewer's Choice Winners

See who our viewers picked as their favorite quilts.
Best of Show

Life on the Food Chain

Valerie M. Sauban
Valerie Sauban - 40 x 30

Inky's Garden

Kathy Callahan

Kathy Callahan - 25 x 32

Mood Indigo

Sally Morris

Sally Morris - 58.75 x 54.5

Heritage Hexagon

Elizabeth Huff

Elizabeth Huff - 40 x 50


Tammy Zanella

Tammy Zanella - 70 x 70

Life on the Food Chain

Valerie M. Sauban

Valerie Sauban - 40 x 30

Rocky The Rhino

Jennifer M. Church

Jennifer M. Church - 12 x 7

Koi Pond

Beverly Spurs

Beverly Spurs - 19 x 19

Pass the Envelope Challenge

Quilters have a month to create a small quiltette using the quilt before them as inspiration. The first quilter in the line is given a photograph to use as inspiration. Below is the photographs used for this year’s challenge. Click line description to go to the line.


Fran McNamee

Fran McNamee - 9 x 12

Aileyn Ecob

Globe Thistle

Aileyn Ecob - 40 x 22

Jean Jurgenson

Blue Stone

Jean Jurgenson - 138 x 16
2021 Winners

Best of Show


Pieced Quilts

Hand Quilted

Machine Quilted – Sit down

Original Design

Creative Item

Turn to The Darkside

Pass the Envelope

Best Featured Quilt

Aileyn Ecob

Jean Jurgenson

Quilting Arts

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