GQCCC Virtual Quilt Show

GQCCC Virtual Quilt Show


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Aileyn Renli Ecob
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2021 Virtual Quilt Show 

Is Now Open

Welcome to the Guild of Quilters of Contra Costa County’s first Virtual Quilt Show. Within the pages of this site, you will find color, comfort, and creativity, by the way of quilts created for all occasions.

Quilts are not just “blankets”. Quilts are history; quilts are utilitarian, quilts are works of art. Even more, quilts are about love. The love of a family, the love of a child or grandchild, the love of letting your imagination run wild as you express your artistic creativity.

In this exhibit, you will see over a hundred quilts made by the talented members of GQCCC. From traditional, to modern, to memory and to art, these pages have it all. The extra bonus of having a virtual event is that you can take the time to view the quilts and come back another day to appreciate them some more.

In addition to our members’ quilts, we are fortunate to have sisters, Aileyn Renli Ecob and Jean Renli Jurgenson, as our Featured Artists. They offer a substantial exhibit of art quilts and have prepared a video presentation for your viewing.

There are so many wonders to see and enjoy. To get the most out of the show we have created a How To Navigate the Quilt Show Guide. You can find it here.

Most importantly, we hope you’ll enjoy the quilts

Be sure to check out the credits of those responsible for bringing you this online show.

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